Carbon Activated Filters
Carbon Activated Filters
Carbon Activated Filters
Carbon Activated Filters


Carbon Activated Filters

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Triple-action filters: activated carbon, microscopic nylon strainer and resin. Resin can soften water and reduce the chance of lithiasis. Activated carbon can adsorb impurities and odour, keep the water fresh and clean. Microscopic nylon strainer can filter out hair, sediment and other impurities to clean the water.

Water quality can be drastically improved by the 3 types of filtration and enhance the taste of fresh water for your cats.


① Food-grade filter cotton (Function: Filter cotton can effectively absorb large particles, sediment, slag stains)

② Food-grade microfiber filter cloth (Function: The use of microfiber filter cloth has a higher filtering effect, filtering micro particles and microorganisms)

③ Using high-quality coconut shell activated carbon (function: purification, deodorization, organic matter removal, residual chlorine removal, and taste improvement)

④ Baolite food-grade resin (Function: Resin absorbs calcium and magnesium ions in water (the main component of scale formation), reduces the hardness of source water, softens water quality, and can perform intelligent resin regeneration, remove metal ions that cause pet stones, and recycle (In order to fully remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, a water softening device must also be installed.)

Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before using, easy to mount it on pet water fountain.

In order to ensure the water clean, the filter should be replaced in time, please replace them within 2 to 4 weeks.


Inside material: Activated carbon, resin


Outer diameter: 128mm, inner diameter: 38mm, thickness: 8mm


2x Activated Carbon Filter

Triple action filtration

The triple activated carbon filter keeps the water fresh, odourless and clean.