Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0
Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0


Automatic Pet Water Fountain 2.0

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Our Automatic Water Fountain is specially designed to attract the attention of cats, the constantly flowing water running down the petals and the special design will encourage your cat to drink more keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated.


"My cat never used to drink much water which caused all sorts of unwanted health problems for her. But she seems to be really attracted to this fountain, now she never stops drinking"


Angela, Seattle 

Hydration Health Benefits

 Reduces the chance of kidney disease - 1 in 3 cats have symptoms of stage 1 kidney disease caused by dehydration. Many cats are prone to developing kidney disease in old age too. Our product ensures your cats drink more keeping them hydrated & healthy & protects them for the future.

  Can help alleviate depression & improve health - Dehydration can cause depression in cats. Depression can cause your cat's health to deteriorate to a dangerous point. Cats who refuse to eat or drink may lose an unhealthy amount of weight or become dehydrated. Keeping your cat adequately hydrated can help in preventing or alleviating depression. 

 Boosts mood & energy levels - Make your cat feel better, happier & generally improve their life by keeping them adequately hydrated. Dehydration can make cats feel lethargic & depressed. 

 Prevent urinary tract disease - Staying hydrated is key to prevent kidney & urinary tract diseases. When cats don’t drink enough, the minerals in their urine start to crystallise & form stones, which can have dire consequences. 

Product Benefits

 Effective & easy to use - Quickly & easily get your cat to start drinking more to keep them happy, healthy & hydrated. 

 Improves water quality & hygiene - The flowing water constantly runs through the triple action filter which keeps the water fresh, odourless & clean. 

 A small price for big results - Affordable, low-cost product, that can improve your cat's life while also saving you expensive visits to the vet. 

 Premium quality - Highest quality available, made of finely polished antibacterial PP plastic, stainless steel, eco-friendly, BPA free, non-toxic, odourless & durable. The simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal & cleaning.

 Environmentally friendly, silent & power saving - A new generation of the silent submersible pump makes it super quiet with shock reduction, ensuring there is no noise interference. With only 2W low power consumption, the pump can save more electric power than any other water fountain.

Hydrate your pet for a week in just a few minutes

Powered by an ultra-quiet & submersible pump, your Automatic Water Fountain will immerse your pets in a new drinking experience.

HydratesAutonomousCats & Dogs Large Capacity High Quality Designed for Multiple Pets

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs A Water Fountain

Cats are notoriously picky drinkers. Most of them refuse to drink from any vessel and meow until you turn on the tap. This is because cats are instinctively attracted to moving water. The sight of flowing water attracts their natural curiosity.

So, have you ever thought about getting your cat an Automatic Water Fountain? This is why you should:

1. The majority of cats don’t drink enough

Cats don’t have the instinct to drink much, wild cats get most of the moisture they need from the prey they catch. Since indoor cats can’t catch any mice, birds, or other prey, they need to compensate by drinking a lot of water. Encourage your cats to drink more by providing them with a drinking fountain. Our Automatic Water fountain has 3 water flow settings to please even the pickiest drinkers.

2. Water is essential for your cat’s health

1 in 3 cats have symptoms of stage 1 kidney disease caused by dehydration. More than 3,000 domestic cats die each year from kidney failure. 

Many cats simply lack the urge to drink still water from a bowl that sits there without flowing. If the water is not flowing, it will become stale very quickly, this puts cats off from drinking it.

Staying hydrated is key to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases. When cats don’t drink enough, the minerals in their urine start to crystallise and form stones, which can have dire consequences. Running water is much more appealing to cats and can prevent health problems as well as saving you from spending a lot of money at the vets. 

Our Automatic Water Fountain is specially designed to attract the attention of cats, your cat will be encouraged to drink more keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated. 

3. Cats have a hard time seeing the water level in a bowl

Most cat owners use standard drinking bowls. They can work, but did you notice how hard it is to spot the water level inside them? Cats have great eyesight but they possess an even keener sense of hearing. This means that the sound of running water and the water streaming down the petals of the fountain will draw your curious cat’s attention!

4. Cats consider standing water to be unsafe

In nature, standing water is an excellent breeding ground for nasty bacteria that could make a cat violently ill. Running water, on the other hand, is much safer which is why many domestic cats still prefer running water.

Our Automatic Water Fountain has a Triple Action Water-Softening Filter that removes bacteria. Also, there is no open reservoir where dirt can build up, so your cat can enjoy clean, fresh water at all times.

5. Cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched

Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and they provide them with information about the space around them. Some cats get very stressed when their whiskers are touched without a good reason, for example when drinking that’s too deep which causes them to rub their whiskers on the sides. This condition is commonly known as whisker stress or whisker fatigue.

Our Automatic Water Fountain is specially designed to prevent your cat’s whiskers from touching the sides of the bowl. Keeping them untouched for a comfortable, stress-free drinking experience. 

Product Features

Clean & Fresh Water
The unique replaceable design filter can effectively filtrate the hair, odour, and chlorine. Consequently, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of developing an illness. The charcoal filter helps remove which absorbs odours and bad taste. The constantly flowing water also keeps it tasting fresh.

Design Pump
The unique designed blue pump DR-DC160 is deployed with a customised suction cup to diminish the noise to a minimum. The high-quality impeller can guarantee durable products for using.

High Quality
Pet fountain is made of finely polished antibacterial PP plastic and Stainless Steel lid, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odourless and durable. The simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning.

2.4L Capacity
No need to replenish the water frequently, and it can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes. No need to worry about your pets not getting enough fresh drink when you go to work.

Equipped with LED, so you can see the water level. When working, the LED is blue; LED is red when not working. The product does not work until the water level exceeds the pump. Safe, hygienic, convenient top-shelf dishwasher safe.

Dehydration & Keeping Your Cat Hydrated


Due to their origin, cats are not good drinkers and can be subject to dehydration. This occurs when your cat loses too much water from her body, along with electrolytes vital for bodily function. Although seemingly simple, dehydration can cause severe health issues if untreated.

An important part of cat ownership is being able to recognise the signs of dehydration in your pet. These include listlessness, refusal to eat, panting, sunken eyes and dry, tacky gums.

A good test to see if your cat is dehydrated is ‘skin tenting’. To do this, take a pinch of skin around her shoulders and gently pull it up - if your cat is adequately hydrated it should ping straight back into place. If your cat is dehydrated, then her skin will return to position more slowly. Should her skin stay pulled up in a tent shape once you’ve let go, this means your cat is dangerously dehydrated, and you should seek professional help immediately.

Sometimes the symptoms can be more difficult to spot, especially if your cat is over- or underweight. If in any doubt, visit your vet for a check-up. This is especially important as dehydration is often caused by another underlying problem.

Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

If your cat is vomiting or has diarrhoea, your cat has probably lost liquids and may be at risk of dehydration. If your cat can drink, put her in a cool, quiet place with fresh water. If your cat is unable to drink, visit your vet as they may need a drip to prevent serious dehydration.

Even when your cat is in good health, they could still be at risk of dehydration if care is not taken. Always make sure there is fresh, clean water available for her and that you wash her bowls daily. Ideally, position multiple water sources around your home.

Some cats have sensitive whiskers, so try giving her a wider bowl or a cat water fountain. Many cats prefer running water to water in a bowl, so a fountain may be a good idea if they are reluctant to drink.

Finally, if your cat is a light drinker and eats dry pet food – which doesn’t contain a lot of water and can’t provide the hydration that her body needs – make sure that they stay hydrated, particularly during hot spells when their bodies lose a lot of water. Having a Water Fountain is the best way to always have a constant flow of freshwater available to your cat.


Type: Water Fountain

Material: PP plastic + Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1pc

Item Color: White and silver

Water Capacity: 2.4 litres (80 oz)

Input Voltage: 5V,1A

Power Consumption: 1.5W

Waterproof: IP68

Cable Length: 1.6M/5.2ft

Item Size: approx. L18.6cm x W18.6cm x H13.1cm/7.3*7.3*5.1” (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 697g/24.6oz

Suitable for: Cats, dogs & birds

What's Included?

Water fountain 

Adapter & USB Cable

Cotton Activated Carbon Filter

User Manual 

Flower Head

Submersible Pump

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a filter with the fountain?

The filter is not required for normal operation of the fountain, but it does significantly improve the overall cleanliness and taste of the water for your pets. The filter removes bad tastes and odours to improve the taste of the water and catches hair and small particles to keep the water cleaner.

How do I clean the fountain?

1. Unplug the fountain.

2. Empty the water.

3. Disassemble the fountain.

5. Remove the motor from the fountain.

6. Lift the impeller (looks like a small white propeller) out of the motor. There may be a faceplate cover over the impeller than can be pulled up with a coin or fingernail. Wash the impeller in soapy water, removing hair and other gunk that has collected around it.

7. Pour soapy water inside the motor cavity and clean with a brush or sponge. A cotton swab or small toothbrush might work too, or anything that can reach inside of the cavity.

8. Rinse all parts well before returning to the fountain.

9. Re-assemble fountain, replacing the filter and pre-filter as needed.

10. Place the fountain where desired. Fill with water. Re-plug the fountain in.

How do I set up the fountain?

1. Assemble the fountain and filter according to the instructions

2. Fill the bowl with water to the fill line

3. Plugin the fountain

4. Watch your pet enjoy the fresh, flowing water

5. Keep the water level close to the fill line at all times to prolong the life of the pump.

How often should I clean the fountain?

We recommend cleaning your fountain once a month or more often if you see too much hair, dirt or debris in the bowl. Fountains are top-rack dishwasher safe except for the pump.

What are the benefits of water fountains?

There are many benefits of water fountains, but here are a few of the main ones:

  • Constantly circulates water to keep it fresh and tasty
  • Encourages pets to drink more water to stay healthy and hydrated
  • Choose from fountains with compact designs that fit in any room to large fountains needing fewer refills
Why do I need to replace the filters?

The charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water and catches large particles and debris from re-circulating back into the water. Over time, debris gets stuck in the outer fabric of the filter, making it more difficult for the water to pass through it. The inner part of the filter contains granulated carbon with hundreds or thousands of microscopic holes, which bind to impurities in the water that cause bad tastes and smells. This binding prevents impurities them from returning to the water. Eventually, the holes become clogged and can no longer remove impurities. 

How often should I change the filter? 

The charcoal filter should be changed every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain. If you have more pets or notice more debris, a slimy feel, or decreased water flow in your fountain, you should clean it more often. Pre-filters can usually be changed less frequently.

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Encourages your pet to drink

Pets are instinctively attracted to moving water. The sight of flowing water attracts their natural curiosity.

Keeps your pet happy & healthy

Help promote a healthy urinary tract and optimal kidney function by ensuring your pet is adequately hydrated.

Virtually silent

The quiet pump makes virtually zero noise, ensuring peace and harmony for your cat and you.